The 1L Challenge!

I have a guilty secret. I was once a diet coke addict. In fact, during my UCD years from 2005-2008 I used to have habit of consuming 2-3 cans of diet coke a day plus a can of sugar-free energy drink and even a can of diet lemonade!! If I drank water it had to be with squash, always. Little did I know how much I was destroying my teeth, skin, hair and insides as I fuelled up on these chemical caffeinated beverages!

When I went to Essex University to do my Masters in 2010 I vowed to cut down on the fizzy and increase my water intake. This was a slow and gentle process. I limited myself to maximum one fizzy drink a day, trying to be “good” and avoiding the caffeinated ones. I also followed a tip by my good friend and now bridesmaid, Lizzie, by taking a 2L bottle of sugar-free squash to my lectures everyday and sipping it from morning to evening. By the end of the 2 years I was a recovered addict. But there was still room for improvement….

My fiance, Neil, is probably the best person I have ever met for drinking water and he inspired me to get better at this. So I had to try and “wean” myself off the squash by making them weaker and weaker until I was practically drinking (yes you guessed it!) water!! I finally did it!

Now I needed a new drinking vessel. This was partly for motivation as a reward incentive for making so much progress (well a girl’s gotta treat herself to more than just shoes and clothes!), and to replace my recycled supermarket brand squash bottles. Enter the 1L BPA/PVC/pthalates free, environmentally friendly, water-filtering and brightly coloured Bobble! One for me and one for Neil!

I take my Bobble everywhere. To work, shopping, on car journeys, camping, on walks, to the gym, the cinema….everywhere I go, my bobble goes. And I’m saving a huge amount of money too. I can just pop into a cafe and ask them to fill it up for free if I’m running low. Now I can easily drink 2L, if not more, a day (and that’s not counting my daily mugs of herbal tea and regular tea).

The benefits of drinking water are well known for good health, skin/hair/nails, digestion, managing fatigue, increasing alertness and concentration. Makes sense seeing as the body is made up of 60% water!! Im not going to go into these benefits in detail as you are probably already aware but I will say that I have noticed a huge positive change in all these areas since increasing my water intake to a minimum of 2L a day. My skin is much more hydrated and clear and I think this also benefits the appearance of more youthful skin too. I don’t have a complex skin regime and I feel confident to go make-up free to work during the week and on the weekends if I’m just pottering around my local town or going for a coffee. I credit this to my water consumption. My digestion is much better too when I drink more and so is my concentration and mood!

So, what is my 1L challenge? Every morning, on my way to work, I challenge myself drink 1L on an empty tummy before my breakfast. Why? Because by the time I get to work I’ve managed to do half the daily target and I have also read somewhere recently that drinking water after fasting overnight can have many additional benefits such as awakening the metabolism (making it easier to wake up early in the morning), cleansing the gut from unwanted toxins (setting me up for the day) and supporting the lymphatic system.

It’s not easy drinking 2L of water (if your not used to it) but once you get into the habit and train your body (and mind) to drink more it does get easier! And soon you find yourself craving water if you’re not drinking large quantities of it daily. Just start small and set yourself achievable targets. You will get there and will love the results! So why not have a go at it yourself and set yourself a 1L challenge (or even half a litre at first) every morning? Its a small, free and easy way to making a healthier, happier and more youthful you!


Emma (aka The Wholesome Bride)


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