Dramatic DIY Flower Backdrop


Hello, I am back! After a long break from writing (I had some little event take over my life this summer!!) I return to you as Mrs. Emma Ahern and, according to tradition, I get to keep my title as “bride” for the next year!

I have so much to share with all of you about all the wonderful things I was able to create and plan for my big day and I hope that I can inspire you for your special day too.

I wanted our wedding to be personal and at the same time wanted to be careful with our budget, so getting friendly with a glue gun and crafting became a summer hobby for me.

The first item on my list of fun, affordable, personalised wedding crafts is the flower backdrop! You can use this in your ceremony, in your reception or hang in your house/room for when you are getting ready on the morning of the wedding. The colour and type of the flowers can mirror that of your theme and you can be as creative as you wish with the layout/design of how you arrange the flowers.

My backdrop took 6 hours to make but as I didn’t have a template or instructions to go by most of this time was taken up with planning and designing. I would imagine that you will need to put aside at least 3-4 hours to make one. I had the help of my friend and her 5 year old daughter, whose imagination really brought my idea to life!! Never underestimate the power and genius of a child’s creativity! If it wasn’t for her we would never have come up with the idea of the shape and adding glitter and feathers!

The memory of making this backdrop with stay with me forever. It was such a wonderful way to really get hands on and feel immersed in the wedding preparations. While crafting can take time and effort, it is still a wonderful way to get lost and let go of all the “wedding stress” and remember that it’s all just good fun!



  • 3-4 hours


What you will need:

  • A friend or two to help! (young children with creative imaginations make great additions to your crafting team!)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks – for the adults only! (Try have a glue gun each to speed up the process).
  • Silk flowers (these look more like the real thing but you can also experiment with other textures like paper, card, tin or foam) – I had ordered at least 300 individual flower heads of a wide variety of sizes and colours (mostly pinks and creams) including peony roses, standard roses and hydrangeas. You will be very surprised at how many you will need for impact!
  • Artificial ivy/eucalyptus fence/hedge screen  – I ordered one that was 1.5m x 3m on eBay. I would recommend that you  measure the area you plan to hang your backdrop before ordering. You can always cut to size if needed as they tend to come in set sizes.
  • Additional textures to include: glitter on tips of flowers (apply using PVA glue), feathers, gems, photos …. your limit is your imagination!
  • If you decide to create a shape with the flowers I would recommend making a template out of card or paper before you start to glue on the flowers. This  will help ensure that you have a clear outline of the area you need to fill with flowers and will have a much cleaner finish to your work.


How we did it:

  • I pulled all the silk flower heads off any stems they were attached to (you can recycle the stems at your nearest recycling centre)
  • We then rolled out the fence screen and then began planning how to lay the flowers. It turned out that I didn’t have enough flowers to create a cascading flower effect to fill the whole length of the screen. Thanks to my friend’s daughter who had the brilliant idea to “make a heart”, we were then able to create an impact by designing an ombré love heart in the centre top of the screen using the darker and larger flowers at the top of the heart shape and gradually using lighter coloured or nude flowers towards the bottom of the heart.
  • Before gluing we needed to ensure that we had a symmetrical heart shape template to work with so did this by drawing and cutting out a heart on a very, very large sheet of paper!
  • We then glued flowers around the edge of the template to have a secure outline and then filled in the heart by gluing in the rest of the flowers according to our design (dark to light, big to small).


  • To add texture and light, we painted PVA glue onto the tips of some of the flowers and dipped them in rose gold glitter for a dainty sparkle effect!
  • My friends daughter, in her excitement, also kindly offered to glue her feather boa to the backdrop! Perhaps her enthusiasm was a bit much but the idea to randomly glue on single feathers behind some of the flowers was born from this 5 year old’s kind gesture!
  • Et voila! Between one bride and her dream of a flower backdrop, a talented friend and her genius daughter, we managed to create an amazing, personalised and fun wedding decoration which hung proudly at the top of the ceremony room on my very special day.


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