About Me

Hi! My name is Emma and this is my blog “The Wholesome Bride”. I created this blog as a way to document this very special time in my life as I plan and prepare for my wedding and future life as a wife and, hopefully one day, a mother!

I am so excited to be getting married and cant wait to share these next few months with you as I plan the big day!

Both my Fiance and I are Irish (living and working in the UK) and we will be having a big knees-up Irish wedding in July 2016!!

Health is very important to me and I try to keep a balanced lifestyle in what I eat, think and do. It’s tricky to get it right all the time but its fun trying and as the years go on I am finding it easier.

I am a vegetarian who is passionate about food. I choose to become a veggie to reduce my carbon-footprint, to be considerate of how we consume products from other living creatures and for my overall health and well-being. I love to eat fresh and cook from scratch. I’m a much better cook than I am a baker but I love to try out new things and develop my skills in the kitchen. I always strive to ensure each meal is nutritionally balanced and satisfies all my requirements to feed my body with what it needs. I will share my own recipes with you as well as any other recipes I try at home from other blogs, cookbooks and websites.

I like to stay active and do a wide variety of activities to keep my mind and body fit and healthy. I have a background of yoga, running (sprinting and long distance), boxing, cycling, horse-riding, walking, badminton and go to the gym a couple of times a week when I can.

I’m a crafty person…I often think I was supposed to be an Occupational Therapist, not a Speech and Language Therapist (although I LOVE my job!). Last Christmas I taught myself how to use a Singer sewing machine to make a variety of homemade gifts of cushions, hand warmers and heat-packs from up-cycled jumpers I got from charity shops in my local town. I plan to make my own table centre pieces and decorations for the big day and be as resourceful as possible by recycling old tin cans and jam jars. I will post these creations too!

There is so much to cover in this blog and I cannot wait to share it with you. I will also be vlogging so stay in touch and look out for new posts.

If you like and enjoy what you see here, please like and follow me on this journey and tell your friends too!

Lots of love, Emma (aka. the wholesome bride)


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