A salad is not just for summer! Here is my Zesty Vegan Salad to put a zing in your day!

Bring a little sunshine and zest to your rainy afternoons with this scrummy, yummy salad packed with flavour and goodness. Or have it in the summer to accompany a BBQ or on its own for a simple lunch.¬†Its not expensive … Continue reading

It’s more than just saying “yes” to that dress……

Photograph: Alamy So…you said “yes” to the right man/woman and now you need to say “yes” to the right dress! There is so much pressure on finding “the one” (and I’m not just talking about your life partner!) as this … Continue reading

Banana Bread – dairy, egg and gluten free yumminess!

Banana Bread Here is my very first recipe. A classic sweet loaf that’s delicious and healthy! Even good enough for breakfast as there are no added refined sugars, is gluten free and high in protein! Dry base ingredients: 1 cup … Continue reading

I haven’t had a McDonald’s in 10 years…

It usually happens over a packed lunch, when I am out for dinner with new friends or in a lively discussion swapping recipes and culinary tips with fellow foodies. “So why are you a vegetarian? Do you not like eating … Continue reading

Once upon a time…

….there was a young boy and a girl who lived in the quiet seaside village of Blackrock (Co. Louth) just on the north-east coast of the Emerald Isle. Little did they know as they tucked into¬†their packed lunches of jam … Continue reading